Learning to Code at Camp Hokukea

This summer at Camp Hokukea we will be running a coding class during our morning activities. The class will be focused upon learning the fundamentals of programming both the concepts and terminology, The course will primarily be using the Scratch software. It is designed to help children learn to imagine, reason with common sense, and work with computers, while  building real interactive games and movies using code.

 Scratch, developed out of MIT Media Lab is a visual programming language and online community where users can create online projects and make them into anything by coding with simple drag and drop coding blocks. Hokukea encourages our campers to explore and try something new everyday and aspires to guide kids in discovering the joy in innovation and creativity. After summer is over kids will be able to keep their Scratch account and continue building new projects year-round building their skills if they so choose.

 Our summer coding curriculum was designed and developed by Hokukea’s Christopher Clark. When not on the soccer field Chris has a passion for teaching coding, he has built web apps, and digital libraries for educators out of Harvard Innovation lab and specializes in frontend  development.


7 reasons kids should learn to <code/>:

1.  Learning the fundaments of code for a child is building a foundation for digital literacy for the 21st-century.

2. The principles of coding allow kids to apply mathematical abstract concepts into real world   situations.

3. Learning to code allows kids to embrace their creativity as they can visualize new digital worlds as they think outside the box, or rather to box outside the think.

4. It takes a lot of grit, patience and practice to learn new concepts and think like a computer thinks.

5. Parents report that they’ve noticed their kids’ confidence levels grow as they learn to code. Coding builds perseverance and resilience as kids consistently work through challenges.

6. Coding opens the door early for career opportunities as they build their skills. Many of these skills can be applied to growing industries. 

 7. Learning to code is like learning a new language.

Christopher Clark                                                                                                                                                                                                                          


Yefei Jin