Old fashioned character through new technologies

So often we see people in society lacking social skills. They appear rude, inconsiderate and socially awkward. They lack the skills to work in a team. At Camp Hokulea, we strive to teach children many old fashioned characteristics – how to be kind, supportive of others and aware of those around us. We look for and share the best qualities in our friends and work to keep a positive outlook on the world we live in. We are fortunate to have some amazing technologies to help teach these values to our campers. We build LEGO Robots in project teams, learn to code in a digital world and work with state-of-the-art Drones! Students are taught to share, work together and teach each other under the careful guidance of some of the best professional instructors. The campers learn to be responsible for their own success while helping others achieve the highest levels. Cooperative, student-driven learning is helping our campers become aware of how important teamwork and imagination should be in their lives. Through cutting edge technology, we instill positive values in our campers to assure that our world is a better place because we were there!

Yefei Jin