From Campers

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“This camp lets us play joyfully. It is not strict yet there are many educational components like skills in sports. I think camp is great.”

-Eric, 4th grade, China


“I learned robotics, Korean, and coding for the first time. It was so much fun!"

-Camryn, 5th grade, Hawaii


“I really liked making friends from Hawaii and hanging out with them. I love Camp Hokukea so much, and I want to stay here forever.”

-Hyebin, 5th grade, Korea


From Parents


"For five weeks at Camp Hokukea, my two kids were able to enjoy a relaxing and fun environment immersed in Hawaii's beautiful nature.

Not only did their English improve, but they also gained confidence to excel in other areas like school life, sports, and musical instruments. Especially, my daughter, who had a tendency to be very shy, is laughing and expressing herself better than ever before."

-Mother of Sunah (5th grade) and Tony (3rd grade)


"My son's English improved 6 months only after 3 weeks at the camp, and my daughter got a perfect score on her listening test. However, what is more valuable to me is the fact that my kids learned how to communicate and respect people from a different culture.  Watching them try their best to use simple English and body language was priceless."

-Mother of Chris (4th grade) and Grace (2nd grade)


"I love the multicultural interchange that Camp Hokukea offered as well as all the activities they did where the kids have to use their imagination. I was very impressed and satisfied when I saw my girls trying to speak Chinese and Korean with their friends."

-Post-Camp Survey Feedback